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Scènes d’enfance – ASSITEJ France is happy to announce the 4th edition of the « 1er juin des écritures théâtrales jeunesse » (The 1st June of playwriting for young people).

Launched in 2015, during the Belle saison, the national year of performing arts for young audiences, this  event federates hundreds of partners of all sizes, as, non-exhaustively, schools, theaters, bookstores and libraries, and community centers. All of them engage in their own ways, to celebrate and promote TYA playwriting. Many artist and companies are involved, as well as, playwrights, of course, who are highly sought after to give lectures and workshops, and to participate in public and professional meetings. Nathalie Papin, the partner author for this year’s edition, has dedicated it to the theatre play in both meanings : the paper object as well as the text printed on.

Since its first events in France and Belgium, the « 1st of June » had developed internationally, last year as far as Québec, Tunisia and Russia. It now arrives in Cameroon, Ivory Coast, and Togo, carried on by participants of Shaping stories / Construire des histoires, the Regional workshop of ASSITEJ, created and supported by Scènes d’enfance – ASSITEJ France. In St Petersburg, French-learner students will propose staged outputs from a 2 months workshop. In Québec, the emerging generation’s playwrights are invited to read abstracts of their plays under creation, at the Cube, the future TYA development center, which is opening in 2019. In Doula and M’fou, near Yaounde, in Abidjan, in Sokode, Sotouboua and Lome, in Togo, theatre companies driven by Jeannette Mogoun, Guillaume Ekefe, Loulou Lokoussou, and Narcisse Amouzou, attendees of last year’s session of Shaping Stories in Cape Town, will present full programs of lectures, radio shows, music, outdoor performances based on contemporary TYA plays.

The 1st June of playwriting for young people is supported by the French Ministry of culture, the Ministry of education, the SACD, and, locally, by the French Institutes.

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