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Bibu 2018 will be held the 16th-19th of May 2018 in Helsingborg, Sweden

Bibu is a four day long festival, celebrated every second year. The first biennial was held in 2006. bibu 2016 was the sixth edition.

Bibu is a forum where everyone interested in the performing arts for a younger audience can meet and be inspired; by each other, by the performances that are shown and by the seminars, workshops and meetings which you can attend during the four biennial days.

Independent theatres and dance companies, regional and national institutions, as well as international guest artists will have the opportunity to present shows of high artistic quality to venue representatives, cultural administrators, teachers, politicians, media and the public.

The presented shows, selected by a jury, together with a range of seminars and forums for discussion, makes a natural place for analysis and reflection on the quality, status and possibilities of the art forms.

Bibu 2018 takes place in Helsingborg on the western coast of Skåne and right next to its Danish neighbour Helsingør.

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