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ASSITEJ  Jordan, the National Centre for Culture and Arts (NCCA)

In 2017, NCCA in partnership with UNICEF and the Ministry of Education established 7 community based theatre groups who perform the interactive play “Full Stop … Begin a New Line” simultaneously in public schools across the kingdom. The play highlights the negative impact of violence and promotes civic engagement and peace building.

A total of 816 performances were conducted at schools and a total of 37.460 beneficiaries attended the performances. By the end of February 2018, we aspire to reach a total number of 1000 performances across the kingdom.

The performances include workshops designed to engage students and beneficiaries in activities related to critical thinking, problem solving, research skills and practices, interrogative questioning, communication, public speaking and listening skills.



Ahmed, male, 13 years, Zarqa:

“I learnt that violence is not the way to solve problems and to love and respect of others and that we must not be afraid to apologize because the apology does not reduce the value of the person. We need to treat our friends positively regardless of the negative things and we need to guide them to do well.”


Khaled, Male, 15 years, Irbid:

"I was a violent person because I thought it was the only way to prove myself between my friends and classmates, but after watching the play" Stop… Begin a New Line “I knew that violence is a bad way to express what is inside me and decided I needed to change and become a better person.”

Al Abbas School – Zarqa

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