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This past December 23th, the Children’s Workshop Teatro La Proa  made it’s debut in front of the collective habanero puppeteer. This year 2018 is their 15th anniversary. Teatro La Proa decided to dedicate every Saturday during the school course to teach 43 children acting classes, popular dances ,  animation, and the construction of puppets. This presentation was on the national day of teachers in Cuba (celebrated every  22nd of December) and also remembered the children book writer Dora Alonso on her birthday. The little ones staged a few poems from her book, The Clowns. They also performed a few scenes from our national puppet (Pelusin del Monte) also created by this author. The students divided into two groups and danced to the traditional Cuban sounds, the Mambo and the Pilon. Traditional songs included “Caballito de mar” and “The viborita.” We shared cake, soda, juice and candy. The children received awards and their parents were very proud of their work. After 3 months the attendance of children has remained the same. They have improved so much and the enthusiasm and support from their parents is what makes us keep going with these classes. We know how important it is to prepare the future generations to continue with this art form. 

By : Arnedys Cejas 






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