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ASSITEJ Germany and Festival Panoptikum welcome the EC to Nuremberg (Germany)

January 23rd – 28th, 2018

ASSITEJ Germany and Festival Panoptikum are looking forward to welcoming ASSITEJ’s Executive Committee in Nuremberg. The meeting will be framed by shows and talks as well as social events where delegates and artists from all over the world can meet and exchange ideas for the new year.

The festival’s programme can be found here:


Cultural Policy and Arts Education: A first African-European Exchange

February 1-2, 2018 at the “Bundeakademie für Kulturelle Bildung (ba)” Wolfenbuettel (Germany)

After the EC meeting, ASSITEJ president Yvette Hardie will participate in a ground breaking conference that focuses on arts education and cultural policy while widening perspectives to include different European and African approaches. Wolfgang Schneider, president of ASSITEJ Germany and professor at the University of Hildesheim, who also holds the UNESCO-Chair in Cultural Policy for the Arts in Development, will chair the conference.




ASSITEJ Germany’s yearbook discusses structures for the arts

IXYPSILONZETT, ASSITEJ Germany’s yearbook 2018 on Theatre for Young Audiences , has been published in cooperation with the Berlin-based publisher “Theater der Zeit”. It presents central results of an empirical study, challenges theatre as a work place, discusses how structures and budgets operate and how artistic practice is reflected. The publication calls for courage to let participation happen. Children have the right to fully participate in arts and culture, but how and where is this reality? How do arts and education go together in concepts and policies?

IXYPSILONZETT Premiere at Festival Panoptikum on Wednesday, January 24, 12-12.30 h






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