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National Youth Arts Summit

In October 2017 over 100 delegates in Youth Arts and TYA met in Adelaide to discuss the ‘future proofing’ of our sector. What is it that gives us value and how do we articulate this for our on-going strength? Report here:

Quarterly newsletter for the sector – TYA and Youth Arts

In November 2017 Helen Hristofski from Barking Gecko and Fraser Corfield from ATYP collated information from across the Youth Arts and TYA sector to provide a What’s On to all members.

Australian Theatre Forum and TYA

The ATF is a national gathering of theatre practitioners, presenters, artists and funding bodies. It was held in Adelaide in October 2017.  TYA sector was present throughout the planning and in conversations and reporting throughout the three days of discussion and keynotes.

Australia Council research on young people and the Arts summary:

Australian TYA Festival dates:

Awesome Arts – Perth: every year in October.

DreamBig Festival – Adelaide: every two years in May.

Out of the Box Festival for early years – Brisbane: every two years in June.

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