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ASSITEJ Australia – Theatre Network Australia

The TYA and Youth Arts community in Australia is still vulnerable to recurring lockdowns,  reminding us all of the precarious state of play not only here but in the rest of the world.   We’re lucky in so many ways, with much of the country able to continue without restrictions.

Whenever we see works in this time, there is a wonderful energy with audiences overjoyed to be back in front of art. The invention and persistence from artists has meant exciting new projects and new practitioners to welcome into the sector. 

The international performing arts market APAM was hosted at the DreamBIG festival this year, shining a welcome spotlight on performance work created for with and by children and young people.

We welcome new members and returned members of the National ASSITEJ Advisory Group, made up of artists and organisations around the country, to work on activity and advocacy for the sector. The NAAG for 2021/2022 will be announced very soon and serves a vital purpose in connecting our members. TNA worked with film maker Amelia Ducker and 55 artists and companies around Australia to create a 15 minute video that illustrated the performance work made for and with children and young people. It was shared at the World Congress and is now available to our members. We thank the Australian Council for the Arts for the funding for this project. You can see the film here:

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