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Dramatized Reading Cycle 2017

ASSITEJ Spain has celebrated one more year of the key activities of our association: the Dramatized Reading Cycle. The cycle has been composed of three dramatized readings of theatrical texts for children and young people that, in turn, have been edited by ASSITEJ Spain.


On November 3, 4 and 5, the Auditorium of the Casa del Lector, in the Multicultural Space Matadero Madrid, welcomed children, youth and parents, who could enjoy the readings and have a meeting with the authors of each of the works.

The readings of these works become a unique and quality filled experience for family audiences, encouraging reading for children and emphasising the important work and need to protect children's theater and youth that ASSITEJ Spain carries out.

The reading of the texts is done by professional companies and is accompanied by the projection of images that, as a digital scenery, frame and dynamize the dramatization, situating the activity between a reading and a theatrical montage.



Publication of "Vanilla Air" and “Ainhara (Dramatic Poem)”, by Itziar Pascual.

Vanilla air (ASSITEJ Spain Theater Collection, Itziar Pascual) is a comedy that smells like vacations, the beach, walks and endless siestas. The protagonist is Pablo, a boy of seven years, who is in the age of illusions, great friends and mistrust. Vanilla air is a family work of people who look for lost objects, and instead of finding them, they end up meeting again. It is a story of children and adults, because everyone loses the things they think they need -the time, the cell phones, the keys, the video game console- and in the end they win others-serenity, trust, friendship, respect. It's a story of those that happen on vacation, when the doors of the houses are open and only the sound of the dishwasher is heard … And it smells like vanilla.

Ainhara (Dramatic Poem) is a fable of travel and learning and a search for identity. Its protagonist is Ainhara (swallow in Basque), who must travel a long way to the south alone, in search of her sisters and their place in the world. It is a story of birds, children and men, which mixes the joy of August and the restlessness of the first rains. The loneliness of Ainhara will not be absolute, because the path is, at the same time, a landscape of encounters. Ainhara … smells of ripe fruit and sea salt.


Vanilla air was the winning work of the XXIV Theater Text Competition of the Escuela Navarra de Teatro (ENT) 2015, from Pamplona, and Ainhara (Dramatic Poem) won the 2015 Morales Martínez Text Texts Prize, from Lucena (Córdoba).


The price of the publication is 10 € and is on sale at



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