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Taking place in Stockholm from November 16th to 19th ASSITEJ Sweden in coperation with ASSITEJ centres in the Baltic and Nordic countries organize a workshop aimed at set designers to find ways to develop artistic ASSITEJ Swedencraftsmanship. Altogether 20 participants from eight countries will get together in Stockholm for this four days workshop.

In the workshop, ”The visual world of Children”, we focus on the visual expression on stage. The workshop aims to bring an exchange of knowledge and experience for those who work with visual elements on stage for children and youth. 

Target groups for the workshop are set designers and other practitioners who, in their work, focus on the visual content on stage. The working method for the workshop is to have “young” set designers in the beginning of their careers to meet more experienced set designer as tutors and through discussions and exercises develop the artistic craftsmanship. The tutors act during the workshop as discussion-partners and contribute with their experience and knowledge.

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