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ASSITEJ Korea took part in the PAMS (Performing Arts Market in Seoul) 2017 between the 14th and 19th of October to promote Korean TYA. PAMS is a platform run by Korea Arts Management Service to revitalize international export and distribution of Korean performing arts. ASSITEJ Korea ran a booth exhibition and took part in the networking reception and speed dating session to advocate Theatre for Young Audiences and ASSITEJ Korea. The booth exhibition of our national center focused on promoting ASSITEJ Korea’s various events and festivals, while the networking reception and speed dating sessions allowed for participants to exchange ideas and information on a more personal level.

Korea Arts Management Service also ran a cooperation program named KAMS Connection at PAMS 2017. KAMS Connection aims to support research and collaboration project partnerships between Korean and international experts in the performing arts. As part of KAMS Connection, ASSITEJ Korea president Kim Sookhee hosted a seminar titled “International Networking of ASSITEJ Korea”, in which producers and programmers from various countries including Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland discussed Korean TYA and the role of ASSITEJ Korea. In the conference following the seminar, participants were able to talk about important issues of the TYA market in their own regions.