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The Executive Committee of ASSITEJ intends to create an ASSITEJ Fundraising Working Group. First step in the creation of the working group will be a one-day fundraising think tank. The purpose of the think tank is to investigate

  • If​ ASSITEJ can develop fundraising as a sustainable focus for the international association. 
  • How​ ASSITEJ can fundraise within the challenges of the international association.
  • And to what​ levels fundraising is possible within these considerations.

We invite all those interested in becoming part of the ASSITEJ Fundraising Working Group to attend this one-day think tank either in person, or virtually, through live streaming, skype or conference call. Those unable to attend in any way are encouraged to send in thoughts and analysis around the idea through video or a written paper.  


Who are we looking for?

  • The working group will be composed of experts in fundraising.
  • The working group will draw from International funding experience. 
  • The working group will be drawn from the membership of ASSITEJ.


When will it take place?

The think tank will be part of the Executive Committee meeting of ASSITEJ. It will take place 24 January 2018 at Festival Panoptikum in Nuremberg, Germany. 

Accommodation (1 night) will be coverede for the participants. Unfortunately ASSITEJ doesn't have the ressources to cover international transport.


Read more and apply here.


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