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Zagreb, Croatia 19th-23rd April, 2017

City theatre Zar ptica Zagreb organizes the 17th International Naj, naj,naj festival from  19th – 23rd  April , 2017.
The festival was founded in 2001 with the idea to present the very best productions of professional theatre for children in Croatia to the young Zagreb audience during the spring holidays.
The specialty of the festival is that all performances are free, enabling the children to spend their spring holidays enjoying the very best theaters can offer. This way they fall in love with the theater on a life-long basis.

The best evidence for the success of Naj,naj,naj festivals so far is the fact that it became international in 2007. The festival competition is enriched by different views on theater art for children which every visiting theatre from Europe and the world shares as something specific with the rest of the participants. An amazing number of visitors- more than 6000 of them; the joy both the viewers and the visiting performers feel ensured The Naj,naj,naj festival a renowned status in Croatia and wider region.

The festival is a competition of non-puppet performances, where an expert jury, composed of eminent theatrical critics, selects and awards the best performances in ten categories with the sculpture of the Golden Žar ptica (Firebird).

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