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The regional platform From the First Step has launched its 2023 activity plan. Including various programs in Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia, the platform will present its yearly results, as well as its mission and vision at the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering that will be held in Serbia in November 2023.

OD MALIH NOG(U) / From the First Step is a regional platform dedicated to the development and affirmation of TYA in the Balkan region. It brings together organisations and artists who want to change the situation in the TYA sector with their educational, artistic and theoretical work.

Theatre, Community, Multimedia is the platform’s one-year activity program organised by the organisations and NGOs dedicated to TYA in Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Croatia.

In 2023, the activities will be based on several contemporary cultural and artistic directions. These activities intend to gather some important issues in the contemporary TYA needs – artistic, multimedia values of the contemporary performing arts, and the matter of community empowerment of TYA, including audience development and capacity building mission. Through year-round activities, the platform members will dedicate their work to the following:

  • Emphasising the immanent multimedia nature of performing arts through workshops that analyse theatre in correlation with other arts (visual arts and film);
  • Highlighting the innovation of contemporary theatre for children and youth through distribution of pieces that question the boundaries of performing arts;
  • Inclusion and education of young artists in the residential, educational program;
  • Encouraging the development of the author’s expression through different open calls and by organising co-productions with various theatres in the region;
  • Research on community needs and dialogue with various theatre academies in the region.

With such comprehensive year-round activities, we want to encourage changes in the TYA sector, especially at the level of aesthetics and the social position of artists, with the long-term goal of affirming regional theatre for children and young people.

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