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The first Performing Arts Award for Children and Young People in Chile: Te Veo ASSITEJ is awarded to Mónica Echeverría

March 20 celebrates World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People, driven by ASSITEJ through the campaign “Take a Child to the Theatre Today” and the representatives of Te Veo Chile / ASSITEJ Chile use this important occasion to award Mónica Echeverría, recognizing her artistic career in her role as co-founder of the department of Youth Theater of ICTUS, and her work as director and playwright of children’s theatre with the first edition of the “Te Veo / ASSITEJ Performing Arts Award for Children and Young People 2016”.

The first edition of the Te Veo / ASSITEJ Award will count with the presence of several authorities, people of the culture scene and performing arts community for children and young people.

This award values and recognizes the professional quality work that artists in our country create for our children and young people highlighting:

  • The development of quality theatre for children and young people.
  • The creation and increase of children and youth audience.
  • The investigation, publication and education continue in performing arts for children and young people.

Mónica Echeverría was born in Santiago, Chile on September 2, 1920. As a literature professor, she dedicated twenty-two years of her life to teaching. This activity did not prevent her from developing her calling for the theatre where she participated as an actress, director and playwright in different works. Her most successful works in dramaturgy were with the series: QUIQUIRICO, EL CIRCULO ENCANTADO, CHUMINGO Y EL PIRATA DE LATA, GUATAPIQUE, ZAMBACANUTA.

She was especially distinguished as a director of the department of children’s theatre companies ICTUS that began in 1959 by initiative of Mónica.

Motivated by the staging of La Princesa Panchita, she decided to found the Children’s Theatre Department in collaboration with Claudio Di Girolamo and Jorge Díaz, outstanding author of children’s plays.

Te Veo/ASSITEJ Chile, promoters of this award, are the representatives of the worlds largest theatre network for children and young people, who year after year promote the appreciation and professionalization of performing arts for children and young people.

For future versions of the award, year after year in September the call for nominations to the award will be announced, where the rules will be published and a deadline for November will be given. A committee will select the candidates and then notify the winner of their award. The award will then be given in the month of March celebrating Theatre for Children and Young People every 20th of March.