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Playwriting TYA laboratory in French-Speaking Africa
Regional Workshop of ASSITEJ

Organized by Scènes d’enfance – ASSITEJ France

Session #2 : The Cradle of Creativity, festival and World Congress of ASSITEJ. Cape – Town, 23 – 27 May, 2017

ASSITEJ invites 15 artists from Africa to participate in the second session of “Construire des histoires / Shaping stories”, the playwriting laboratory for children and young people, in the frame of the festival “The cradle of creativity”, 19th congress of ASSITEJ.

“Construire des histoires / Shaping stories” is organized by Scènes d’enfance – ASSITEJ France, in the frame of the Regional workshops of ASSITEJ.

Before proceeding to your application, please carefully read this information :

Who can take part?

Any performing arts artist, whatever his or her discipline, working in an African country, and who wishes to develop and share his or her skills in the field of performances for young audiences.
The working language is French.

What are the goals?

Getting and and proposing skills in professional creation of performances addressed to children, adolescents, and people surrounding them. Taking part of a permanent network of African artists invested in TYA performing arts.

What are the contents?

Facilitated by Pascale Grillandini and Karin Serres, “Construire des histoires / Shaping stories” invites to a collective work about dramaturgy of TYA performances, whatever the discipline (Theatre, dance, tales, puppet…). It is based on collective readings and experimenting around four contemporary plays for young audiences. It proposes sessions of exploratory sensorial writing : “Feeling more than thinking, intuition more than rationality“. These sessions are followed by a reflection about making theatre out of the stories.

We invite, as well, the participants to consider the building of a permanent network of the young audience artists from French-speaking Africa.

Where and when ?

The laboratory will take place from May, 23th to 27th, in the frame of the festival “The cradle of creativity”, 19th congress of ASSITEJ. During seven days, for the first time on African continent, the ASSITEJ Congress will gather the world community of the professionals of TYA. A multicultural, international program will be proposed to hundreds of artists, researchers, managers of venues and festivals, commited in ASSITEJ. Along them, the participants in the laboratory will take part, as well, in many professional meetings. The detailed program of “The cradle of creativity” is available on the website

The participants will be granted access to performances, to symposiums and professional gatherings, and to the event organized in the frame of the festival.

What do we take charge of ?

Scènes d’enfance – ASSITEJ France and its partners take in charge the entire journey (Accomodation, meals, registration to the festival, tickets, participation in the laboratory). International airfare are not taken charge of, but mobilty grants could be attributed, on an individual basis.

The candidates must, as far as possible, make contact with the French Institute or the French Cultural Center, if there is one in their country, in order to present their project of joining the workshop, and to enquire about the possibilities of being helped for its achievement. Scènes d’enfance – ASSITEJ will support them through this process.

Documentation :

A complete presentation of the project, and a report on the session in Yaoundé is avaliable (

How to apply ?

1 – Please, fill in the form at before February 24th

2 – Send a few pictures, and / or video (link), and / or script, and / or any material expressing your artistic commitment at

(Please, to facilitate the reception of your documents, entitle you email as following : (yourfamilyname) (yourforename) documents

How to get more information ?

Please, send an email at

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