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??nd?ric? Animation Theatre from Bucharest, in partnership with ASSITEJ and UNIMA Romania, organized the 12th edition of the International Festival of Contemporary Animation Theatre ImPuls. The event took place in Bucharest between the 19th and the 28th of November, on the two stages of ??nd?ric? Theatre.

ImPuls is a strictly professional festival-competition dedicated to audience of all ages that consolidates and promotes the contemporary tendency in the local and foreign visual and animation theatre. The festival is attended by leading, world-class personalities which gave lectures about the latest techniques and research in the animation field. This notable animation event fosters the cultural exchanges, communication between artists and specialized institutions, gives rise to partnerships or even national and international coproduction. It must not be forgotten the fact that many events are dedicated to the young audiences.

Worldwide companies were present as a result of a lengthy and tenacious selection, and to the fact that our theatre belongs to the most prestigious festival networks.

More than 60 events in 10 days of festival, with performances from Romania, Austria, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Poland, Australia, Russia, Spain, Turkey, USA and Hungary. All these productions are extremely different and they ingenuously combine the latest techniques from the visual theatre field.

The ImPuls complete formula included: the IDEEA conferences, book launches, the Awards of Excellence in Romanian Animation Theatre Michaela Tonitza Iordache, the launching of the first issue of ASSITEJ Romania magazine, photo exhibitions, movie screenings, the DramAnima dramaturgy laboratory and the platform-workshop for children and teenagers Different ??nd?ric?.

Every year, ??nd?ric? Animation Theatre produces three festivals: the International Festival of Contemporary Animation Theatre ImPuls, Different ??nd?ric?, a platform-workshop for children and teenagers with its first edition in 2016, proposing a new concept of performing such a type of event to the animation theatre audience in tune with the frame idea and theme of the different School week and Theatre, street and child. The main purposes of this festival are children awareness, development and education through culture, promoting cultural and artistic contemporary values locally and worldwide, educating the Romanian public through visual and animation theatrical arts, etc.

The jury of the festival, which comprised Marek Waszkiel (honorary president), Ion Parhon (president and theatre critic), Marinela ?epu? (theatre critic, manager of Nottara Theatre), Irina Ionescu (theatre critic), Lea Rasovski (visual artist), Eliza P?una (actor and director), Doina Papp (theatre critic), Cristina Rusiecki (theatre critic), Paul Chiribu?? (actor and theatre professor) and Raluca Tulbure (secretary of the jury), hand out the following awards:

  1. The award for the poetical visual expression: ”Snow queen”, Ariel Theatre, Târgu Mure?
  2. The award for the object culture originality: ”Little Muck”, Prichindel Theatre, Alba Iulia
  3. The award for the scenography as a character: ”When we are dreaming”, Luceaf?rul Theatre, Ia?i
  4. The award for the traditional puppetry capitalization: ”Emperor Aleodor”, Puck Theatre, Cluj Napoca
  5. The acting award: Ionu? Constantinescu, Puck Theatre, Cluj Napoca
  6. The artistry award: Nikolay Zykov (Russia) for the ”Cabaret of metamorphoses” performance and Jose Antonio Puchades (Spain) for the ”Nymio” performance
  7. The award for the directorial vision in creating a fantastic universe: ”Stories from oblivion”, Poznan Animation Theatre, Poland
  8. The award for originally structuring the poetical universe: ”When everything was green”, Key Theatre, Israel
  9. The award for the modern approach to the contemporary reality: ”Clown house”, Merlin Theatre, Germany

Starting with January 2017 ??nd?ric? Animation Theatre will start the open calls for the three festivals organized next year. We are looking for the best animation productions for young and adult audiences, with the purpose of supporting creativity and innovation, whilst contributing to the growth of this important field.


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