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ASSITEJ Norway is present at La Baracca-Testoni Ragazzi’s well renowned festival Visioni di Futuro, Visioni di Teatro

February 25 to March 5 2017 in Bolonga.

In collaboration with Teater Fot (, ASSITEJ Norway will hold the second part of the symposium on performing arts for small children. The seminar, “Interactive Dramaturgy”, will be presented by Lise Hovik and Hege Knarvik Sande, and is an introduction to Norwegian performing arts and artists, with a focus on experimentation with form, exploration and research. The seminar is seen in relation to Teater Fot’s production “Sparrow” (0-2 years) which is part of the festival’s programme. We are honoured to be able to present Norwegian performing arts at the festival, and look forward to meeting the international network there!

The third seminar in the symposium, “The relational aesthetics of toddler theatre”, will be held during the World Congress in 2017. Teater Fot is ASSITEJ Norway’s partner in the project, and Lise Hovik is also selected for the main programme with the performance «Sparrow». The symposium’s first seminar was held at SAND International Festival in 2016.

In addition, Norway is represented at the World Congress festival programme with “To breathe” “Phefumla” – a co-production with ASSITEJ South Africa and ASSITEJ Norway, with Theatre Arts Admin Collective South Africa as the third partner. The project is initiated by theatre instructor and producer Mariken Lauvstad (NO), and is directed by Thandi Doni (SA). Scenographer is Ingrid Solvik (NO). We also hope to bring the project to SAND International Festival 2017, which takes place from September 12-16. Save the dates!

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