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ASSITEJ has begun work on the 2017 ASSITEJ Magazine that will be launched

at our next ASSITEJ World Congress in Cape Town, South Africa:

Cradle of Creativity: Intercultural Exchange

We are glad to offer you an opportunity in our magazine that will help in

making your work more visible to the global community!

Possibilities for: Full page, half a page, a quarter of a page and inside back cover.

All these in full color!

Attached, please find the measurements for the format of the magazine.


Inside Back Cover : 1,125 €

Full Page : 975 €

Half a Page: 565 €

Quarter of a Page : 300 €

We also offer you a special discount “3 for the price of 2” for booking

your advertisements in advance over the next 3 years (2017-2019).

Prices with special discount for three years:

3 Inside Back Covers: 2,250 €

3 Full Pages: 1,950 €

3 Half Pages: 1,125 €

3 Quarter Pages: 600 €

For more details about the advertisement possibilities and booking, contact the

Secretary General’s office at and for issues regarding

payments, contact Mr. Roberto Frabetti, Treasurer at 

The deadline for booking an advertisement in the ASSITEJ Magazine 2017

and for receiving artwork is FEBRUARY 28 .

We kindly invite you to inform your members (theatres,

festivals,project organisers, institutions, etc.) about this.