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SAND International Festival of Performing Arts for a Young Audience

September 15-17, 2016

The artistic programme on SAND festival is based on the theme:Sand 2016 profilbilde_e-postlogo interdisciplinary arts. The key words are shape, space, scenography, technology and movement. The programme is aimed at audiences ranging from infants to adults. The audience will get the chance to venture into dark forests, see bird explore the world around them, to consider people’s choices in the normal state and in the state of an emergency, plus much more!

Artists featured on SAND 2016 are Heine Avdal, Katma, Classics for Kids, Transiteatret, Teater Fot and Rimini Protokoll.

Check out the complete programme at


Scenekunstbruket’s – The Norwegian Network for Performing Arts for Young Audiences –

Working with two collaborative EU-funded projects: TEEN and PUSH.


PUSH is a 2-year project including five partners in Scotland, Belgium, Ireland, Norway and Denmark, working to ‘push’ and develop thinking, ideas and art forms within theatre and dance for children and young people in Europe. Through 3 artistic Labs, 5 festival visits, 8 networking events, 8 public events, a bespoke website and a documentary film, thoughts, ideas and performing arts for children and young people will develop. PUSH will focus on three topics that are currently under-explored in work for young audiences: Identity, Borders and ‘Safety Zones’.

PUSH will stimulate European dialogue around these topics, topics that discuss the core of who we are, how we choose to live, what stories we tell each other, and how we honestly, yet safely, represent the reality of life to children and young people.

Project kick off will be at Showbox 2016!

TEEN – Theatres European Engagement Network

In collaboration with festivals Segnid’Infanzia in Italy and Teater Centrum in Denmark, we will engage teens in all three countries to experience and criticize performing arts made with them in mind.

In TEEN we will look at teenagers’ interests and how they can be reached, in addition to stimulating critical thinking. Over two years, we will follow teenagers in each of the participating countries. They will attend the festivals and discuss performing arts along with critics and artists. In addition to the three festival partners, the International Association of Theatre Critics (Paris) are involved, as well as The Centre for Theatre Studies at the University of Lisbon, who will use the material collected in the project in research.

The partners will meet in Italy in October, and the first youth workshop will be at Showbox 2016!

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