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On La Baracca – Testoni Ragazzi’s 30 years of experience
February 27th – 29th, 2016

A practical Masterclass on La Baracca’s thirty-year work of research on theatre for early years. Since 1986/87 season, La Baracca, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Bologna, has been developing the project “Il teatro e il nido” (Theatre and crèche), a project dedicated to children under 36 months that attend the “Nidi d’infanzia”, the public educational institutions for children 0-3. A research that the company kept developing through the years, and that involved and involves artists, pedagogues and teachers.

It is from this experience that Small size projects and “Visioni di futuro, visioni di teatro” were born. An expe- rience that allowed La Baracca to produce 37 shows for children between 1 and 3 years, created by following different approaches of mise en scene. The shows created can be really different one from the other: some of them, the ones that are best known abroad, are rich in body images, or focused on the artistic research on the- atre and light, while other ones are full of words, surreal and passional narration, funny and romantic stories.

The participants will attend:

two exclusive workshops led by artists from La Baracca,

– one more workshop (to be chosen among three),

– a seminar on the use of words in theatre for early years, and will have the possibility to visit a crèche.

All these activities will be in English (no translation will be provided).

Dedicated to

This Masterclass is dedicated to artists, teachers and professionals.

Maximum 20 people.


For the Masterclass: 100€

The fee includes the 3 workshops, the visit to a crèche, the seminar and the lunch for the 3 days.

How to register

Registrations will be accepted starting from October 20th. Please send an email with your data (name, orga- nization, role, country and contacts) to: and wait for our confirmation.

After receiving the confirmation, we will send you the registration form.



Moreover, taking part to the masterclass will give you the possibility to attend Visioni and its many activities

– shows for early years, conferences, workshops, seminars… – as well as to meet several international artists

who dedicated their research to early years.

Costs for other festival activities:

Shows: 4€

Seminar “Taking a break”: 10€

Other workshops: 20€

International Experiences: free (with booking)

Download full program International festival of theatre and culture for early childhood

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