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Part 1: About ASSITEJ China

Founded on December 2nd, 1982, China Children’s Drama Society (ASSITEJ China Centre), is a national level non-profit social organization, which is consisted of 26 member units and 69 council members. China’s Children’s Drama Society has joined the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People (ASSITEJ) from September 1994.

Through advocating various kinds of drama creation and performances, organizing children’s drama seminars and researching activities, promoting public-interest performances and encouraging international communications, ASSITEJ China now is trying to lead China children’s drama to a brilliant future.

Part 2: Creation and Seminars of ASSITEJ China  

With the core of leading the healthy growth for teenagers, ASSITEJ China has created quantities of excellent dramas with distinct characteristics. So far, there will be more than 60 new dramas created for children and young audiences by the member units of ASSITEJ China every year.

To enhance close communicating, common progress and mutual benefit, ASSETJ China continued to hold children’s drama seminars every year. Children’s drama experts and scholars, artists and leaders of member units came together, discussing focus issues, making strategies and giving advices for further development of China children’s drama.

Part 3: China Children’s Theatre Festival  

Approved by China Ministry of Culture and jointly hosted by China National Theatre for Children and China Children’s Drama Society, China Children’s Theatre Festival has been successfully held four sessions since the summer 2011, and the 5th Festival will be held from July 10th to August 27th, 2015. On theme of “Light Children’s Heart and Shape the Future”, every year, the Festival will organize around 38 excellent drama works with over 200 shows and 15 drama activities in average, benefiting beyond 150 thousand audiences. So far, hundreds of artists from more than 21countries and regions, such as America, Canada, Britain, Spain, Finland, Japan, Argentina, etc, have participated in the Festival. Now, China Children’s Theatre Festival has become a new platform to drive the development of China children’s theatre, and enhance the international exchanges between China and the world.

Through wonderful performances, drama seminars and various relative activities, the Festival is trying to promote art education and popularize children’s drama knowledge for children and young audiences, making them experience love, beauty and kindness from arts, thus to enlighten their mind, mold their character and shape their future.

Part 4: Goals of ASSITEJ China 

For further development and bigger progress, ASSITEJ China will focus attention in the following three aspects: First, constantly improve art quality of both theatre creation and performances for children and young audiences. Second, continually strengthen the professional, theoretical and instructive basis of the future children’s drama seminars, enhance mutual learning and exchanges on children’s theatre field between China and other countries, thus striving to organize international children’s drama forum in China. Third, consecutively hold China Children’s Theatre Festival every year, making more efforts to build it to be a comprehensive, international, profession and authoritative world famous children’s theatre festival.

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