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The town hall of Caracas and the Government of the Capital District, through the Culture and Arts Foundation, produces now, the fifth edition of the Caracas Theatre Festival, an event that with four opportunities has turned the capital city into the National Theatre stage and, that in its last edition, on April 2015, brought together the best of the national and international stages.

This theatre festival will hold its V edition in April 2016 and in order to make this celebration successful, Fundarte calls upon all those international groups that do not reside in the country and that own a performing arts performance directed to either young or adult audiences, to present their work, starting June 1 and until September 1, 2015.

Proposals must be sent to with the following references: presentation dossier, brief resume of each of the cast members and company, as well as audiovisual record of the presented play, which should be hosted on a web server: YouTube, Vimeo, etc. You must include a proposed budget for presenting at the Caracas Theatre Festival 2016.

Those who wish to participate must present shows with a minimum length of 45 minutes. The selected participants for the Caracas Theatre Festival must be willing to share their experiences in performing arts with the general community, through workshops or talks, without additional costs.

Once the artistic groups are selected, they will receive a formal letter of invitation to the 5th edition of the Caracas Theatre Festival 2016. For more information please visit:


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