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Contact Person: Lidija Franjic / Uroš Koren?an

Lutkovno gledališ?e Ljubljana( Pupet Theatre Ljubljana) Krekov trg 2 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

Tel: + 386 1 3000 972


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Contact Person: Nina Hajiyianni

C/O The Birmingham Repertory Theatre Ltd, Broad Street,Birmingham B1 2EP United Kingdom

Tel: +44) 151 7334859

Mail: /

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Within the NG Placement Programme 9 theatre houses and festivals from 6 different countries have opened calls for participation in their programs for all interested young artists and theatre makers from around the world, and have invited them to use this opportunity to develop their skills and gain a precious and useful experience at the beginning of their professional careers.

By creating valuable opportunities for our young colleagues, these theatres have proven their willingness to participate in a global exchange and share their knowledge and practice from TYA with new generations of theatre makers armed with innovative, inspiring ideas and refreshing enthusiasm.

A diverse group of theatres and festivals have created exciting offers including: Theatre an der Parkaue from Germany, Sticky Fingers Arts from Northern Ireland, AteliercuncheoN research theatre from Italy, Hackney Children’s Theatre from United Kingdom, Bosko Buha Theater from Serbia, Starke Stücke Festival from Germany and ASSITEJ South Africa.

Theater an der Parkaue, one of the biggest theatres for young audience in Berlin (Germany), has opened its doors for NG Placements and invited Elena Manzo, actress and theater teacher from Mexico. Elena Manzo was invited to work as an assistant for theater educators and directors in programs of Winterakademie during February 2015, which represents one of the flagship projects in theater education at Theater an der Parkaue. After 2 weeks in the Winter akademie experience, Elena will discuss together with the hosts of the theater, her further involvement in one of two ongoing projects during February and March: refugees project with Berlin youngsters or international coproduction with one company from UK.

Sticky Fingers Arts for Young children at The Art House in Newry (Northern Ireland, UK) has offered a place for Project Marketing Manager during January and February 2015 with the idea to bolster the promotion of its Festival and increase the audience numbers. Sticky Fingers Arts directors selected Iranian writer Nayereh Doostias the most suitable for the job, seeing her as an “energetic individual with a sharp artistic eye”.

Vaibhavi Kowshik, a stage designer and production manager from India, has been chosen for the spot of the Production assistant in the Hackney Children’s company from UK. They are involved in the dance theatre for young audiences and have been looking for a dynamic all-rounder, someone who can assist and learn from a range of theatre producing activities, from marketing and promotion to assisting in production management.

Richel Manuel Fernández Gómez from Cuba has been selected for a placement position of an actor in an open-air performance in AteliercuncheoN research theatreItaly, and will be participating in their programs for the period from 15 of January to 15 of April 2015.

Boško Buha Theatre from Belgrade (Serbia) has decided to invite two directors Marc Beudin (Canada/France) and Maud Orain (France) to follow the work of this institutional theatre in Serbia, and the performance building process based on a famous Serbian novel for children “Magarece godine” (“Teenage years”) by one of the most famous writers Branko Copic. The research period of these two directors will begin as soon as the reconstruction of the building, in which this theatre is housed, is completed.

Finally, Starke Stuecke Festival from Germany has offered a number of spots for Festival observers / International exchange, which arouse high interest and demand among our applicants. However, due to the immense number of applications and enthusiasm toward enabling as many spots as possible, the directors of this Festival have announced that the final decision on the number of places and choice of applicants will be given by the end of the year.

We hope that this brief glance in the current edition of NGP program answered some of the questions of other curious, talented emerging artists and theater makers who are following our work. We perceive the Next Generation Placements as an open program with great potential. Therefore, we would like to invite all those who found our program intriguing and motivating to think about what they could offer in the frame of programs planed in 2015-2016 and prepare for a new call for applications. The third edition on Next Generation Placements will be presented in December and followed by a Call for OFFERS, which will be opened in January 2015. We invite you to follow us and participate in this great and exciting global exchange.

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