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„3—times – about to be a child and to become an adult”

An international project from Diana Rojas (Zurich), Melika Ramic (Wien) und Tammy Reichling (Luxemburg) in Coproduction with the Stadelhofen Theater in Zürich, the international theater festival Schäxpir in Linz und Neimënster in Luxemburg

Three emerging artists from three different countries are creating three duets with an adult and child, about the topic: to be a child and to become an adult. These three 20-minute duets will be presented together and will show three different time perspectives (past, present and future) about the same topic.

“Why can’t I stop the time? What would the child I was, say about the life I’m having right now? What happened with the dreams I had? How does the child see its own future? With these kinds of questions, the three artists are creating their duets“. 

This collaboration involves three artists, who met at the Theaterfestival SCHÄXPIR in June 2013 in Linz as part of the ASSITEJ Next Generation residency: “The Next Generations residency gave us the opportunity to see performances together, discuss and share practice, and to thereby discover a common interest in intergenerational performance work.  At this stage in our career, it’s a brilliant and exceptionally beneficial opportunity to collaborate. We are very excited at the prospect of working together across countries, and developing adult-child duets in connection with each other. This is an invaluable opportunity for our development as artists working across disciplines and countries”.

The Premiere will be the 29th of June in Linz. Afterwards, we will have shows in Switzerland and Luxembourg. More information:

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