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At the Public Moment of the International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network (ITYARN) two new publications were presented: The first one was “Youth and Performance. Perceptions of the Contemporary Child” (ed. by Geesche Wartemann, Tülin Saglam and Mary McAvoy).  This book is the outcome of the Third ITYARN conference in conjunction held in Warsaw, Poland at the ASSITEJ World Congress and Festival in 2014. The second book was “Aesthetics in Theatre for Children and Young People” (ed. by  ASSITEJ Spain) It includes papers and panel documentations from the 3rd International Forum, 2014 in Buenos Aires. The book is in Spanish, but includes a Spanish/English version on cd.

In the second part of ITYARN’s Public Moment all 52 participants were invited to a „world café“. Instead of traditional academic formats like for example lectures,  people were seated at 8 tables to start a dialogue on TYA under selected perspectives like gender, aestehtics and culture, participation, contemporary art, theatre for the very young, concepts of childhood and inclusion. Tülin Saglam, Maria Inés Falconi, Manon van de Water and five students from the University of Hildesheim  facilitated these lively conversations which had starting points in observations, reflections and questions out of the books and performances which could be watched at the Festival Augenblick Mal! in Berlin. In addition, two of these eight tables dealt with performances/ discussions of two other ASSITEJ networks: Small Size and IIAN and involved Next Gen as facilitators as well as participants.

Geesche Wartemann, Chair ITYARN