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I never know whether Jubilees make me feel young or old, but I do know that they offer opportunities to reflect on the past, to envision the future and – not least – to celebrate!

Not even a year has passed since ASSITEJ Germany and Augenblick mal! Festival presented their idea of hosting the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2015 in Berlin at the World Congress in Warsaw and now we are ready to welcome you and looking forward to meeting you. It is an honour for me to invite you to Berlin! To us, the people and artists from Germany and Berlin, this means, that almost exactly 40 years after the ASSITEJ World Congress in Berlin (GDR), we can welcome the world of TYA not only to our home but also to our theatres.

First of all, you are all invited to celebrate 50 years of ASSITEJ with us on April 22nd at 5 p.m. ASSITEJ Germany and ASSITEJ France have joined forces to prepare a ceremony which celebrates ASSITEJ, its energy, its internationality, its achievements and visions.

The International Artistic Encounters celebrate diversity, dialogue and discourse as they invite all registered participants to get to know each other and the work of ASSITEJ and its international artistic networks, to discuss the festival’s performances and to develop ideas for future co-operations across borders and barriers. The performances, however, are at the heart of the festival. There will be dance and contemporary drama, young directors, big ensembles and solos, burning global questions of life, death and individuality – and international contributions from Belgium and France. Please find more information on the performances and all other events here:

Among our special guests, there will also be a group of more than 40 Next Generation participants, mostly from developing countries, who could be invited to the festival and now 40 young artists are looking forward to meeting experienced colleagues from all over the world to start a dialogue and continue to building an ASSITEJ for the future.

This is, to me, where the idea and theme of our Artistic Gathering in Germany becomes clear. Generations in Dialogue! It’s all about people and it’s about being in the same place to share different ideas.

So come and breathe your share of the Berlin Air! Welcome to Berlin!

Stefan Fischer-Fels

Vice President of ASSITEJ / Vice Chair of ASSITEJ Germany

PS: If you wish to register, be quick and find all details here:

If you cannot be there, be sure to follow us on Facebook and read the contributions to the weblog or keep an eye on

And if you wish to listen to the song on “Berliner Luft”, you can find it here: