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As the COVID-19 crisis was raging, hundreds of theatre and performing arts professionals collaborated through the Coffee Sessions run by ASSITEJ International. They shared their realities, expressed their points of view, and shared the emergencies they faced. The ASSITEJ Manifesto is the fruit of all this work. We wish it to be a tool and, through a coordinated international campaign, a mighty lever for recognition and support for the arts addressed to children, young people, and those who produce it. We encourage you to circulate the ASSITEJ Manifesto, share and explain it to the public, circulate it through social media, and confront the cultural decision-makers with its content.

More than ever, taking action in favour of equal and equitable access to arts and culture is important as we want our children to live in a sustainable and healthy world.

ASSITEJ Working Plan

The ASSITEJ Manifesto links closely with the ASSITEJ International Working Plan. This strategic document outlines the Association’s goals, objectives, and action plans for the three-year period between each ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival for Children & Young People. It serves as a roadmap for the Association’s activities and initiatives, guiding its work and providing a framework for decision-making and resource allocation.

You may view the 2021-2024 ASSITEJ International Working Plan here.

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