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ASSITEJ International is dedicated to the artistic, cultural, and educational rights of children and young people across the globe and advocates on behalf of all children regardless of nationality, cultural identity, ethnicity, or religion.


The ASSITEJ Manifesto was collaboratively written during the COVID-19 pandemic. We wish it to be a tool and, through a coordinated international campaign, a mighty lever for recognition and support for the arts addressed to children and young people, and those who produce it. The ASSITEJ Manifesto is available to download in 15 languages by clicking here.

Representing The Sector

Advocacy and representation play a crucial role in advancing the goals and interests of ASSITEJ International and the Theatre & Performing Arts for Children & Young People sector on a global scale. If you wish to learn more about this work being conducted by the President, Secretary General, Executive Committee members, and staff, click here.


As part of the ‘Theatre & Performing Arts for Young Audiences: Building Collective Resilience’ Project (which is co-funded by the European Union), ASSITEJ International has appointed five lead researchers to help collect and disseminate data, information, practices, ideas, and solutions around the themes of: Access to TYA, Dissemination of TYA, Diversity within TYA, Perception of Early Years within TYA, and the Value of TYA. You may learn more about this advocacy-led research by clicking here.

World Day

The World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People is an annual celebration dedicated to promoting the importance of theatre and performing arts in children’s and young people’s lives. Established by ASSITEJ International, this special day aims to raise awareness of the transformative power of theatre and performing arts in nurturing creativity, imagination, and empathy among young audiences worldwide. To learn more about how the day is celebrated, click here.

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