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ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2025

Marseille, France

March 23-29, 2025

Scènes d’enfance – ASSITEJ France, in partnership with Théâtre Massalia, invites you to Marseille, France for the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2025. This year’s event, entitled “Bright Generations – Générations Lumineuses”, promises to be a dazzling event for all professionals in the Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) sector.

The world of Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA), both in France and abroad, is undergoing profound changes. Recent socio-cultural developments have highlighted new and crucial issues concerning the place of children and young people in our society.

Today, actors in our sector are faced with complex challenges. They must not only enlighten their practices to meet young people’s expectations but must also make their artistic and cultural commitment shine through. Issues of inclusion, diversity, and participation are at the heart of our concerns, and together we are looking for bright and relevant solutions.

It’s against this backdrop that the 2025 “Bright Generations – Générations Lumineuses” Artistic Gathering will take place, putting the spotlight on the links and exchanges between professionals for and with young people. Together, we’ll be exploring avenues for a brighter, more inclusive future for our younger generations.



Scènes d’enfance – ASSITEJ France is calling for applications to take part in the Professional Exchange Programme at the event. This will include a diverse programme of symposia, conferences, talks, workshops, round tables, night evenings, and social events. We invite professionals, networks, companies, and institutions – international and French – to apply to contribute to the programme of meetings, events, and exchanges.

The Professional Exchange Programme at “Bright Generations – Générations Lumineuses” aims to promote international exchanges and cooperation, as well as highlight new advocacy for creativity for children and youth and their cultural rights. We particularly encourage proposals in line with the founding pillars of the event:

Questioning The Place Of Children & Young People

– Interrogating the place of young people outside their role as spectators (through participation in projects, accessibility, provision of dedicated spaces, etc.)

Structuring & Networking Of Actors Involved In Creation For Young Audiences

– Monitoring the international network of the Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) sector.

Artistic Education & Intergenerational Collaboration

– Analysis artistic education and intergenerational projects in the light of cultural rights.

Historical Legacies & New Challenges

– Sharing heritage and its impact on current challenges and emerging artistic diversities.

Celebrating The Cultural & Artistic Diversity Of The French-Speaking World

– Highlighting and encouraging collaboration and exchange between the diversity of the Francophone world.

● Format

A total of approximately fifty Professional Exchange Programme events will be held across different formats: symposia, conferences, talks, and roundtables to workshops (see glossary for more information about each of these format types).

The open call is for all countries and is open to applications from all over the world.

“On-the-Ground” events will be presented in Marseille (France) to facilitate direct interaction and local collaboration with delegates attending in-person. Some of these sessions may be recorded for future sharing with the ASSITEJ community online.

Alternatively, you can propose to facilitate your event digitally online via the ASSITEJ Online platform. Please note that only one event will be selected for exclusive online presentation via the ASSITEJ Online platform. If you wish to propose a digital event, it should be designed specifically for an online audience. In your application, please clearly explain why your event should be considered for this exclusive slot. The majority of the programme proposals will be presented “On-the-ground”, with some sessions recorded for sharing within the online community. ASSITEJ-affiliated networks may also consider hybrid formats to meet the specific needs of their meetings.

● Networks

Particular attention will be paid to the representation of ASSITEJ International Professional Networks and ASSITEJ Regional Networks who will be allocated dedicated time slots. Proposals from these networks should be made in the same way as other applications, by filling in the general application form.

● Translation

In the interests of accessibility and inclusiveness, applicants will be asked to provide a translation of their contribution (from the language of primary presentation to either, or both, English or French) whenever possible. Translation to or from other languages is also strongly encouraged. Please specify this on the registration form. We ask participants to think concretely about the possibilities of translation and to plan for it as part of their application. This may include contributors’ own translation, a simultaneous interpretation, a consecutive interpretation, sign language interpretation, or translated versions of supplementary resources (such as your script).

● Selection Criteria

In order to be included in the first selection phase, applications must, as far as possible, take into account and/or demonstrate an interest in one of the event’s five founding pillars. Applicants will be asked to justify their theme precisely and concisely on the application form. Additionally, each application will be considered against venue capacity, geographical distribution across different regions, and thematic distribution across different topics.

● Budget Conditions

Spaces, teams, and technical equipment will be made available on-site and/or online. Any specific technical requirements must be specified in the application form.

For each session, whatever the format, there can be as many speakers as desired. However, financial support will be limited to a maximum of three contributors per session, each of whom will benefit from one night’s accommodation and a pass for the whole event. Remuneration of additional contributors and any additional costs will be borne by the applicant.

For reasons of fairness and solidarity, mobility funds may be considered under certain conditions of financial need where no local or other applicable funding source fortravel costs is possible to the applicant (for all specific requests, please contact the Scènes d’enfance – ASSITEJ France team in advance).

● Accessibility

Contributors with specific access needs are encouraged to apply and are asked to indicate their requirements on the application form. After selection, the organisers will contact the candidates concerned to discuss how best to support their participation in line with budgetary capacities.


You have the opportunity to propose and support social and networking events, outside of other professional meetings. These might include themed evening events, or more informal get-togethers over a drink, film screening or the display of an exhibition, for example.

The aim of these social convivial events is to enrich, strengthen, and enhance inter-professional exchanges in a spirit of good humour and joy; these events will encourage warm moments of sharing within the TYA community.

These events may be organised by ASSITEJ National Centres, International Professional Networks, Regional Networks, Co-operation Projects, and French and/or International Institutions (including partnerships with Embassies/Consulates) etc., wishing to host an event, promote their activities, and encourage networking.

● Format

A dozen social events in all categories will take place during the week-long programme of “Bright Generations – Générations Lumineuses” 2025. The Get-Together Networking events may either be: an “Apéro” Dating session or a “Convivial Evening” (Please see the glossary for more information about each of these format types, however, do note that the content and form of these events is very flexible).

● Selection Criteria

Attention will be paid to the complementarity and relevance of proposals. Priority will be given to projects originating from ASSITEJ National Centers, ASSITEJ International Professional Networks, and ASSITEJ Regional Networks, and French and/or international institutions.

● Budget Conditions

Spaces, teams, and technical equipment will be provided on-site (Except for special requests for particularly large venues, unusual locations, or special halls, where rental fees may need to be sponsored by the organisers proposing the event).

All catering and entertainment costs will be borne by the contributors of the Get-Together Networking event. Organisers of a “Conviviality Evening” will be mentioned as sponsors in all communication materials.

After application, the Scènes d’enfance – ASSITEJ France team will respond to successful applicants in order to discuss practical and financial arrangements.

● Deadlines


– The application deadline is SEPTEMBER 25th, 2024

– Responses to candidates : END OF OCTOBER 2024

– Collecting Contributors’ Communication : AUTUMN / FALL 2024

– Bright Generations – Générations Lumineuses ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2025 (France): March 23rd to 29th, 2025


– The application deadline is NOVEMBER 1st, 2024

– Responses to candidates : END OF NOVEMBER 2024

– Collecting Contributors’ Communication : WINTER 2024

– Bright Generations – Générations Lumineuses ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2025 (France): March 23rd to 29th, 2025

● How To Apply



Forms are available in English, French, and Spanish. We encourage you to use English, French, or Spanish for your responses to this form, although other languages are accepted (ASSITEJ will automatically translate these response descriptions for the selection committee).

● Questions

For further information, please send an email (including the name of the event in the subject line) to


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