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Slingsby Theatre in South Australia has created a Climate Action plan that addresses the company’s international and national touring, as well as the way the company engages as an organisation in the issues of environmental sustainability, in every part of their work.   This detailed plan uses a new work as a focus, including its touring model.
Australian Ecodesigner Tania Beer has created works with and for young people in collaboration with Polyglot Theatre in school communities where young people are experiencing separation from nature – nature deficit. She says “(these projects) reveal the value of Ecoscenographic tools in opening up new opportunities for young people to experience their own agency and capacity for contribution by engaging in their local environments. Projects like (this) demonstrate ways through which Ecoscenography can engage urban communities in highly visual, sensorial, interactive and participatory events that can turn complex ecological ideas into tangible concepts and active learning processes.” (Beer: Econscenography: An introduction to Ecological design for performance. 2021. p 176)

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