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° In commemoration of the World Theatre Day for Children and Young People, with performances on Saturday, 23 March and Sunday, 24 March, starting at 11:00 am at the Centro Cultural del Bosque and Jardín Escénico.

° For the third consecutive year, all the country’s states will join the celebration, presenting at least one play in each state.

In Mexico, for 16 years, we have been celebrating World Theatre Day for Children and Young People, opening spaces to live, enjoy, awaken curiosity and share theatre. Since then, it has been held every year without interruption and has become an important reference in the Centro Cultural del Bosque in Mexico City for children and their families to enjoy a full day of stage performances.

This celebration, organized by the National Theatre Coordination of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature – INBAL, for the third consecutive year, invites every state in the country to join in this national celebration.

In Mexico City, there will be 43 performances and, throughout the country, more than 48 artistic presentations: theatre, dance, circus, puppets, music, clown, poetry… a celebration of performing arts designed for children.

In this event, we celebrate life, the art of the stage, and movement; we think of the children who will come to enjoy this moment, and we also think of those who are currently going through situations that deprive them of any opportunity for joy. This celebration seeks to give place to the right of children to participate in the cultural life of their community and to see them as citizens in full exercise of their rights. We think of the children of our country and also those of the world; we embrace them at this moment.

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