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It is our pleasure to inform you that International Festival of Children’s Theatres Subotica (Serbia), in co-operation with the Theatre Museum of Vojvodina from Novi Sad (Serbia), is organizing an INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH COLLEGE OF THEATRE ARTS FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH conference for the fifteenth time.


(22 – 29.september 2024)


On the Topic of: Movement, Listening and

A Changing Perception of Children and Youth Theatre

               The 15th Research Forum for Children and Youth Theatre Art at the 31st International Festival of Children’s Theatres Subotica provides the researchers from different parts of the world with an opportunity to perceive potential perception changes in theatre for children and youth. Such changes might include: changes in observing young audiences’ needs, listening profoundly to their opinions and changes in the way children theatres will create their stage language.

               Concerning the topic of perception in younger audiences of children and youth theatre, the crucial elements of stage language play an important role. Most certainly, one of those elements is movement – which the performer utilizes to create its stage presence.

However, stage movement retains its meaning when combined with other stage elements such as the costume, scenery, props, music, lighting, video… Or if the theatre stimulates the imagination outside its space: in the classroom, the playground, in nature… In this way – through the complexities of stage language – the secrets of visible and invisible worlds conjured up on stage are revealed to the young audiences. All those mysterious worlds existing on stage possess their own ways to address the young audiences’ perception. The aspects crucial to growth and development of future generations are contained in two listening processes: tuning into the process of stage expression creation and tuning into various subjects presented to the young audiences in order for them to grow up in theatre environment that will teach them what is good, noble or unworthy of attention.

Proposed topics of discussion:

  • Movement and the Perception of Stage Language in children and youth theatre
  • Change as a Necessity in theatre
  • Movement and Listening – In and Outside of Theatre
  • Movement and Listening in Theatres of different cultures
  • Music and listening sound perception in theater for children and Youth
  • Movement and Listening in Theatre for Early Years
  • Movement and Listening in Theatre for Children with Special Needs
  • Movement and Listening and the New Tech
  • Movement and Listening and the Legacy of Children and Youth Theatre
  • Movement and Listening in Nature

      We have the honor to invite you to contribute by your presence and participation to the success of this meeting, which is going to be held within the framework of the 31st International Festival of Children’s Theatres Subotica, Serbia, over four days between  22 – 29 September 2024.

Participants can decide in which section they want to contribute and send their proposals in written form (up to 500 words).

Proposals must be sent no later than February 28, 2024.

Authors of accepted proposals will be notified no later than April 1, 2024!

The Festival will send an earlier reply to participants who need a confirmation of participation to ensure their arrival in Subotica. Therefore, you can send proposals until December 15, 2023 and you will receive a response promptly.

Sessions will be held in Serbian and English with simultaneous interpretation provided.

Papers presented during the conference will be published in full as a collection of papers, bilingually, in Serbian and in English language.

The authors whose proposals are accepted will be expected to submit their full papers (2000-4000 words) in English or in Serbian by 31st January 2025.

Please send your proposals to the following address:

Contact person: Zrnic Eva – coordinator of festival programs

Participants in the conference (chosen to present their papers) will be guests of the 31st International Festival of Children’s Theatres in Subotica in September 2024.

The organizer will provide transportation from the airport to Subotica and back (for those arriving by plane), free entrance to all Festival events, and cover accommodation costs for the duration of the conference (hotel – full board).

We look forward to receiving your applications.

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