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The ASSITEJ International community is so rich and diverse and there is no way you could meet everyone and learn about all the different approaches, priorities, experiences and networks within the global TYA scene. However, we will do our best. At the Open Market, there will be a chance to meet colleagues from different professional networks, national centres, young generation of artists as well as local initiatives from Serbia and the region and hear their ideas, proposals for collaboration, as well as their challenges and strategies.

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You can read about the Open Market event on this printable programme – or scroll down to book your place:

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You are welcome to join all of the sessions – or just one or two – the choice is completely up to you.

You only need one QR code ticket (in-person attendees) or one ZOOM link (online attendees)
to pop in and out of the Open Market sessions as many times as you like!


Serbian Local Time:  10:00
GMT/ UTC:  08:00
15 mins

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A morning welcome and introduction to how the day is going to work.

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Serbian Local Time:  10:15
GMT/ UTC:  08:15
30 mins

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Presentation of the Next Generation Residency, which lasts from November 14 until November 20, moderated by Nikola Zavišić, Willem Miličević, and David Ragot on the topic of sustainability. You can read more about the residency here.

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Serbian Local Time:  10:45
GMT/ UTC:  08:45
60 mins

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‘After The Gathering’ Pitch Session is a place and time within the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering, during which young theatre artists are invited to present their work and ideas to the broader international audience made of theatre professionals. It is one of the many initiatives implemented by ASSITEJ Serbia and ‘From the First Step’ platform designed to support artistic and cultural exchange and collaboration between international artists interested in theatre for young audiences. ‘After Gathering’ Pitch Session is a perfect opportunity for all artists aged 36 years or below to establish a new international exchange or set up their next project.

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to pop in and out of the Open Market sessions as many times as you like!
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Perspectives Of Young Artists

Serbian Local Time:  12:00
GMT/ UTC:  10:00
90 mins


This conversation will focus on how to navigate the treacherous conditions often faced by young and emerging artists around the world, including in Southeastern Europe. Theatre director and lighting designer, Nikola Zavišić, with associate professor at SCEN Centre For Scene Design at the University Of Novi Sad, Sanja Maljković, will offer some practical tools to apply in difficult circumstances. The hope is not only to inspire young and emerging artists that there are solutions available but also to open to a wider public discussion where we can exchange ideas and experiences among the participants.

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Serbian Local Time:  13:30
GMT/ UTC:  11:30
30 mins


Meet the teams behind the newest ASSITEJ National Centres

News and Updates from the International Inclusive Arts Network (IIAN)

News and Updates from the Small Size Network

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How to Achieve Quality  and Continuous Critical Reception

Serbian Local Time:  14:15
GMT/ UTC:  12:15
90 mins

We all have our first experiences with the theatre in the TYA. Those first memories remain inscribed in our memory as a foundation on which we later build our relationship to the theatre, regardless of whether we will be a spectator or/and a professional. At the same time, TYA has a great opportunity (and responsibility) to convey ethical and aesthetic values important for successful functioning in society to young beings. Even so, the repertory achievements of TYA are very rarely accompanied by adequate theatre criticism, and the media show little or no interest in opening space for its publication. The professional works of our critics and theatre experts are published in the magazines Scena, Detinjstvo, Niti and Proceedings of the International Forum of Theatre for Children and Youth in Subotica, but these magazines have a small circulation and are aimed at the professionals and not at a wider audience.

That’s why colleagues from the Association of Critics and Theatrologists of Serbia invite all interested professionals to discuss how to open a space for writing and publishing analytical texts about TYA, with the aim of creating a clear and comprehensive picture of the entire development of Serbian and regional TYA, poetic and repertory directions, contemporary theatrical forms and institutional organisation.

This programme is designed as an active meeting of people from the media, theatre and the Association, and an open discussion on the topic of the lack of professional criticism in TYA, detecting the reasons for this and finding possible solutions to overcome this problem.

The programme is led by Marina Milivojević Mađarev, an Associate Professor of the History of World Drama and Theatre at the Academy of Arts, University of Novi Sad, member of the editorial board of the theatre magazine Scena and the President of the Association of Critics and Theatre Experts of Serbia.

The programme will be presented in Serbian.

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to pop in and out of the Open Market sessions as many times as you like!
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The Young Dance Network Meets Local Artists

Serbian Local Time:  16:00
GMT/ UTC:  14:00
45 mins

There are many different ways of approaching the topics of creation and aesthetics in the field of dance for young audiences. Despite different artistic perspectives, there are some key common challenges faced by artists around the world:

 How do we express ourselves through the language of dance?

What dance aesthetics are ‘too abstract’ for young audiences?

How can we deal with the expectations of our audiences?

Are there any topics, particularly related to the body, which are considered to be taboo?

Is audience participation always warranted or necessary?

These questions will be used as a starting point for this workshop in order to stimulate artistic encounters, collaborative exchange, and reflection building for the development of the field – locally and in an international context.

The workshop will be led by YDN core members in collaboration with local artists/researchers.

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Serbian Local Time:  16:45
GMT/ UTC:  14:45
45 mins

The Babel Project aims to increase and improve the artistic, linguistic, and cultural diversity in TYA through exploring communication across different verbal and non-verbal languages in order to proactively involve the voices, needs, and feedback of children and young people in the creation of artistic works, while supporting international networking through ASSITEJ International. By fostering intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, and overcoming language barriers, the project intends to highlight the complexity and richness of the theatrical relationship between artists and children/young people of all ages and, in doing so, it seeks to enable the better representation of a wider spectrum of identities on TYA stages.

You can learn more about this project on its website:

You may now browse the website in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, or Russian by using the button on the top-right of the page.

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