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23 November 2023, Novi Sad, Serbia

In partnership with the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad and the internationally awarded and renowned SCEN Center for Scene Design, one part of the TURNING POINT programme is the all-day international conference “Scene Design and New Technologies in Performing Arts for Young Audiences”.

The co-editors of the programme are Nikola Zavišić, an award-winning director and light designer in the theatre, who will hold a lecture dedicated to the guerilla approach in stage design and theatre production, and Sanja Maljković, PhD assistant professor at the Department of Stage Design in Novi Sad.

In the programme, we will have the opportunity to hear artists and experts from the Performing Arts Laboratory of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, as well as from the Green Art Incubator. This local organization is among the pioneers in sustainability and green transformation in the cultural sector in our region.

Part of the programme will also be the presentation of student performances at this year’s Prague Quadrennial of Stage Design, which was awarded for the “most imaginative concept” of the student exhibition DREAMING, which is another confirmation of the original, contemporary and thoughtful expression of young authors in the field of performing arts in our context.

As part of the programme of this conference, the play “Prehistoric Girl” directed by Sonja Petrović will be performed, staged by the National Theater “Toša Jovanović” from Zrenjanin (for ages 6+), which was produced entirely in accordance with the contemporary ecological settings of theatre production and direction, and one of only a few such examples on the domestic and regional scene.

Additionally, we are happy that Dalija Aćin, choreographer of contemporary dance and laureate of the Award for Artistic Excellence of the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People ASSITEJ International, will hold a master class for young artists on the topic of immersive stage design for babies and neurodivergent within the programme of this conference. children.

These and many other programs will be part of this event on Thursday, 23 November, in the city of Novi Sad. Registrations will soon be announced. Welcome to Serbia!

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