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The play ‘Metamorphosis’ is a result of the PhD studies of Saša Latinović, an actor in the Youth Theatre and a Professor of Puppetry at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. It combines elements of theatre of material and object with drama theatre. The starting point of the performance intended for ages 15+ is based on the myth of Medea and Jason. More precisely, it draws from the verses of the ‘Epic of the Argonauts’ (The Journey of the Argonauts by Apollonius of Rhodes) and verses from Euripides’ tragedy ‘Medea’. By using only rope as a material, skilful actors Marija RadovanovNeda DanilovićSlavica VučetićSlobodan Ninković and Saša Latinović transform with great ease (or at least that is how the audience perceives it), as they tell a story about love, magic, passion and their consequences such as weakness and hatred.

Besides the plays ‘Forest of Songs’ (Kuskus & Children Theatre ‘Dubrava’, Croatia, Slovenia) and ‘Prehistoric Girl’ (National Theatre ‘Toša Jovanović’ Zrenjanin, Serbia), and a few other ones that used only elements of the theatre of object, ‘Metamorphosis’ was the only puppetry (theatre of material) play. It was the only play of that form addressing the young audience, which is the very rare target group for a puppetry play. I am glad that this example was shown at the ASSITEJ Gathering, proving that the young audience enjoys this form.

Saša Latinović

Young people’s Impressions:

“Looking at this performance I realised why it’s important to read books in school. Had I read Medea in high school, I would enjoy it more.” (Young man, 24)

“I understood the ending, the beginning was a bit blurry for me. It took me a while to get into it. The aesthetic was everything, so dark, so edgy, so mystical.”  (Young woman, 20)

“I didn’t understand everything, but I couldn’t stop watching. I was mesmerised!” (Young woman, 22)

“I liked the movement on stage. I felt like I’m not in Novi Sad, but somewhere in Europe. I don’t know why, but we do not have these types of plays here.” (Young woman, 25)

“I didn’t understand it, but I think I like it.” (Young man, 19)

“The sound [Filip Gotovac] and light design [Ratko Jerković] was brilliant! And what they did with a single rope?! Man, I could not believe it was possible.” (Young man, 19)

Divna Stojanov is a dramaturge and playwright. She also writes theatre reviews.

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