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Within its experimental cycle dedicated to youth, le labo des cultures seeks to draw up an inventory of artistic, cultural and public structures supporting projects allowing teenagers to take a significant part in their missions and spaces, to become active in their own cultural journey. A survey on the French territory led by the organization enabled to identify many initiatives where French teenagers were able to use resources provided by these cultural structures, to express and accomplish their ideas. These encounters led le labo des cultures to create in 2020 the National Network of Youth Committees to connect professionals in charge of these youth committees and exchange on their experiences, and search for good practices to build long lasting projects. 

With the support of Scènes d’Enfance ASSITEJ France, the organisation wishes to open its survey to international projects, to discover the plurality of ways to incorporate youth to the everyday life of a cultural structure. This is why the organization is keen to get in touch with structures around the globe to collect and highlight the work of professionals, volunteers and teenagers. These projects can take many forms such as artistic creation, co-programming, shared governance, or content creation to highlight the structures’ actions, etc. Whether you are a theatre, a state related structure, an organization or an artistic company, le labo des cultures is really keen to exchange with you and the teenagers you are guiding. 

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le labo des cultures in a few words: The organization le labo des cultures is founded in 2019, carried by a group of people reunited around the drive to facilitate the interactions between arts and people, to renew classical approaches and traditional medium for art awareness and to serve intercultural relations. 

Place of experimentation for new practices, ideas laboratory, this project aspires to invent new methodologies for art awareness, more sensory and immersive, and design innovative tools. le labo des cultures defends ludic methods, based on investigation, popular education and cultural rights. 

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