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ATINA (Association of Independent Theater Artists for Children and Adolescents) presented the ATINA AWARDS -XVI Edition

to the 2021 production of Performing Arts for Children and Youth.

The ATINA Awards do not choose the best artist in each category, but instead highlight those shows and categories that have made outstanding and innovative proposals within the scenic activity.

Since 2020 ATINA has incorporated the Virtual ATINA award to the proposals made for this medium.

The jury is made up of professionals from journalism and research in the area.

The Board of ATINA also awards three prizes: Career, Research and Dissemination.

For sixteen years, this event has been a ceremony attended by award-winning casts, juries, colleagues, members of ATINA, authorities and cultural personalities from all over the country. It has always been a true celebration of the Performing Arts for Children and Youth, being also unique in Argentina.

The award ceremony has the purpose of bringing together the artistic community dedicated to the childhood sector from different parts of the country, together with the authorities of different organizations related to the activity.

This year, we will add the celebration of the XX years of ATINA, created in the year 2002, which since then has had an activity as intense as it is continuous.

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