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Kwanzaa day (26 December) 2021 and the first day of January 2022 mark significant days in history. 

Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu passed away and was consequently cremated. 

As a community of people who work with and for children and young people,  we wish to express our gratitude for his spirit of Ubuntu (I am because you are); an African centred philosophy that explores the notion of humanness. Perhaps similar to the Mayan precept; In Lak’ech Ala K’in  (You are my other me. What I do onto you, I do onto myself). This was demonstrated by Archbishop Tutu’s action of using religion as a non denominational platform through which to fight for anti-discrimination – of age, sexual orientation, gender, and nationality – to achieve reconciliation and justice. Perhaps nudging humanity to spirituality, where a sense of peace and purpose is defined.

In remembering him, we recommit to ensuring that children and young people continue to be exposed to the arts, as in so many ways this works toward meeting the ideals of freedom of thought that Archbishop Tutu dedicated his life fighting for.

ASSITEJ South Africa

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