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International Festival of Arts for early childhood is back on

13-28 November 2021
17th edition

In 2021, Festival elPetit will be back for a face-to-face, full-body artistic experience by
simultaneously visiting over 20 venues across 13 cities. This year’s edition focuses on
the opportunity to (re)discover, (re)think, (re)create and (re)meet through the Arts.

elPetit builds a time and space of its own. It opens the door to new physical and virtual
worlds, and it awakens the senses, emotions and imagination of our youngest children.
With a unique programme on Contemporary Arts, elPetit reaffirms now its yearly
commitment to quality and innovation by offering a selection of today’s best national
and international performances.

This year, in collaboration with ASSSITEJ Spain, el Petit will host the first face-to-face
meeting of the new Executive Committee of ASSITEJ International, after the General
Assembly that took place in March 2021. This is an opportunity to discover the Spanish
propposals in TYA and work in the organization of the uncoming Artistic Gatherings
and the World Congress.

Besides, elPetit parallelly hosts the 6th International encounter of Arts for (early)
childhood, a networking event aimed for artistic research, training and dialogue which
will take place on 18-21 November. Designed as an open hub aimed at teachers and
professionals from the sector, it will feature conferences, round tables, workshops and
much more! A full look at the present and the future of Arts in (early) childhood.

Year after year, Festival elPetit grows and invades new locations and language
formats under the motto ‘Art feeds us and makes us grow’. For those who want to
savor one-of-a-kind artistic experiences, welcome to elPetit!