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🌎🌍🌏 Brazil + Online
⏰ Online available until Sept. 10

As other national and international theatre festivals in Brazil, the traditional FENATIB has also moved to the online platforms. A dear festival of all theatre practitioners in Brazil, FENATIB is also one of the longest-living festival in the country. The Santa Catarina State city of Blumenau is the host of online shows, local live performances, workshops and seminars, which ran from August 19-27. 

The Festival is produced by the Blumenau Integrated Arts Institute, led by director and pedagogue Maria Teresinha Heimann, and the municipaly of Blumenau.

The online shows are available until Sept. 10. That’s a good chance for people everywhere to catch a glimpse of the Brazilian TYA production. Visit the official Youtube channel of Blumenau National TYA Festival here.

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