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New Directions in TYA – ASSITEJ Germany at the World Congress

ASSITEJ Germany brought a big delegation to Japan! At the Goethe-Institute in Tokyo they held a discussion on March 28th with two directors from Japan and two directors from Germany, the topic was what directing in TYA is today and in the future. If you are interested in reading about directors and their work in German TYA, please find the magazine here (free download, English): Heft 05/2020 – IXYPSILONZETT – Zeitschriften – Verlag Theater der Zeit

ASSITEJ Germany is also pleased with the first Geesche Wartemann Award (ITYARN) that was awarded to Dr. Claire Mason, and congratulates their candidate for the Executive Committee Julia Dina Hesse who was elected. Get to know her here.

Manifesto 1: ASSITEJ Germany’s World Day Initiative

The ASSITEJ Manifesto was taken as the starting point for this year’s activities around the World Day of Theatre for Children & Young people on March 20th.

Video and photography projects, digital productions that test new features for a digital democracy, a regional youth council, teaching material and fairy tales: At the centre of all these ideas are children’s rights and the question how their voices can be heard publicly. We document the activities here: (in German).

Manifesto 2: Letters to policy makers: an initiative from Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg and Switzerland

The German speaking ASSITEJ Centres have used the Manifesto to create letters that address policy makers in education, culture, political parties and media specifically. These letters have been designed and will be sent out on and around the world day to stimulate further discussions.

Manifesto 3: A political issue of our magazine.

ASSITEJ Germany has asked theatre artists, politicians, lobbyists, young people, teachers and others to take one point from the Manifesto as a starting point for a reflection on their work. These strong, positive texts that believe in change and in everyone’s strength and influence, will be published in the new edition of our magazine in May. Please find the article by 20-year old Lena Baessler in the article section.

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