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1️⃣ International co-productions / panel discussion
date: 12.12
time: 12:00 (UTC/GMT +1 hour) / 20:00 (UTC/GMT +9 hours)
Language: English/Japanese (with simultaneous interpretation)

As part of the discussion, we’ll look at some transcontinental co-productions for very young children. We will talk about the opportunities and obstacles faced by teams working in international groups. How sharing between cultures affects the creative process, the development of artists and – most importantly – the spectators. We will look at past productions and prospects that are built by the current global situation. Will such work still be possible? Is it worth fighting for?
Panelists: Akira Ota (Jienkyo, Japan), Maho Nakamichi (Baby Theatre Project, Japan), Alicja Morawska-Rubczak (Art Fraction Foundation, Poland), Barbara Kölling (Helios Theater, Germany), Anurupa Roy (Theatre Katkatha, India)Moderator: Cliodhna Noonan (Ireland)The panel will be accompanied by online presentations of performance:
⚪️ „KUUKI” by JIENKYO (directed by Alicja Morawska-Rubczak) – Poland/Japan
Japanese-Polish dance co-production focused on air. Dynamically, lightly, airy, elusively – Kuuki is a quest for energy. Can the wind be touched? How does the air smell? How does the breath sound? Each of us – the youngest and the older one – experiences it on a daily basis, yet the air constantly enraptures us with its elusiveness, under consciousness, enchants with the promise of going up, attracts the possibility of flight, spinning.

2️⃣ Set design and object in Early Years Theatre / panel discussiondate: 13.12.
time: 12:00 (UTC/GMT +1 hour) / 20:00 (UTC/GMT +9 hours)
Language: English (with simultaneous interpretation to Japanese)During the conversation, issues related to various aspects and perspectives of creating set design in performances aimed at families with very young children will be discussed. We will talk about the specifics of this field and the ideas behind the projects of specific artists. We will also deal with harmful myths related to this area. The youngest children learn the world – including the world of art – with all their senses, which is why the issue of set design created in the context of work for very young children seems to be a particularly interesting issue.
Panelists: Karel Van Ransbeeck (Theatre De Spiegel, Belgium), Barbara Małecka (Art Fraction Foundation, Poland), Pernille Bach and Christian Schrøder (Theatre Madam Bach, Denmark)Moderator: Gina Westbrook (UK)

▶️ The panel will be accompanied by on-line presentations of performances:
🟢 „Blisko / Close” by Children’s Art Centre (directed by Alicja Morawska-Rubczak, set design: Barbara Małecka) / Poland
Dance performance about creating bonds. Two dancers on a round stage – a circle of life and community, and in its centre a matrioshka – a symbol of motherhood, but at the same time an object hiding a lot of surprises inside. Traditional in its form, the doll gains a contemporary touch and can be creatively processed – by both artists and audience.🟤 „Beat the drum” by Theatre De Spiegel / Belgium (directed by Karel Van Ransbeeck, set design: Wim Van De Vyver)
Music theatre production filled with catchy rhythms and amazing shadow theatre. In an original set sporting lots of drumheads, we invite young children and their parents to join a percussionist, a saxophonist and a puppeteer for a unique experience. Musical improvisation and shadow play are used to create an authentic story.🟡 „JUNGLE” by Wrocławski Teatr Lalek / (directed by Alicja Morawska-Rubczak, set design: Barbara Małecka) / Poland
Puppet theatre production that arose from the fascination with the richness of the Amazon jungle – an area most unspoiled and threatened at the same time, home to thousands of species of insects, animals and plants, where the natural, primeval bonds between man and nature have been preserved. The creators of the show want to share with the viewers reflection on this beautiful relationship; seek together the roots of interpersonal closeness, based on rhythms, rituals of everyday life and harmony with the surrounding world.
We invite professionals, researchers, teachers, parents and all adults interested in EYT.Please note❗️❗️❗️
All presentations of performances are aimed at adults. We strongly believe that EYT should be presented live and that online presentations are harmful to the youngest children.The event is organized as part of the project “NAJNAJ.PL: teatr dla najmłodszych na ASSITEJ World Congress”The strategic goal of the program is to build and strengthen a positive image of Poland abroad through the presentation and promotion of Polish culture.Co-financed under the Multiannual Program NIEPODLEGŁA (INDEPENDENT) for 2017-2022, as part of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute grant program “Cultural bridges”.




We are a Polish non-governmental organization Art Fraction Foundation, which deals with international cooperation, promotion and development of art for the youngest children. We were planning to meet you at the ASSITEJ World Congress in Tokyo, but our joint plans had to be completely changed. At the end of this strange and frightening year, however, we found a way to share our work with you! We invite you to 3 days of watching online performances together and two ZOOM panel discussions devoted to Early Years Theatre issues.
The project is implemented in cooperation with JIENKYO (Japan Union of Theatre Companies for Children and Young People), ASSITEJ International and Small Size Network.

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