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“Curious theatre is filled with talking trees,
self-doubting critics,
permeable borders,
welcoming smiles,
migrating plants,
inexplicable hopes,
never-ending deadlines (…)”

Video: Hear Goran Tomka read the full text including sign language interpretation.

European Theatre Forum

The Keynote was presented at the European Theatre Forum 2020 shaped by a consortium of performing arts networks including ASSITEJ & produced by European Theatre Convention.

About Goran Tomka

Goran Tomka is a researcher and lecturer in the field of audience studies, new media, cultural diversity and cultural policy and management. He is assistant professor at the TIMS Faculty from Novi Sad, and UNESCO Chair in cultural policy and management from Belgrade, Serbia.

He holds a doctoral degree in culture and media studies from the University of Arts in Belgrade. Outside academia he is active as consultant, trainer, critic and advocate: he was a trainer in Al Mawred Abbara programme for capacity building in the Arab region; a coordinator of long-term cultural planning of the city of the Novi Sad European capital of culture 2021 and a national author of European Council’s Compendium for cultural policies.

His latest book “Audience Explorations: Guidebook for Hopefully Seeking the Audience” was published in 2016 by international theatre network IETM, Brussels.

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