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In 2021 DIRECTORS IN TYA – An International Exchange will take place from June 20-27th 2021 at Junges! Staatstheater Braunschweig

You can find the call for applications and the application form here. Every ASSITEJ-Center is invited to nominate one director from their respective country to take part. Please send in their application including the signed application form, a current concise curriculum vitae and a letter of motivation by e-mail to ASSITEJ Germany ( no later than October 1st 2020 

The idea of a “Planet B” will be the starting point of our work: As humans we make plans and if one plan does not turn out, we come up with another, an alternative, a Plan B. Young people all over the world have recently confronted adults – parents, politicians, business leaders and artists – with a simple truth “There is no Planet B”. 

As humans we live on one planet, the earth, and, for as long as we can remember, have wondered about other planets and other species or whether we could also live elsewhere in the universe. There have been excursions to the Moon and to Mars and many stories play with the idea of coming from outer space or moving to a new world. But is there a Planet B? And if there was, what would it mean? 

Today’s young people ask all of us to reconsider our choices. We need to question thoughtless consumption and the unequal distribution of limited resources. We need to make new plans for a better future on our Planet A. 

We are confronted with universal questions of justice, responsibility and freedom. These questions concern our audiences of all generations as much as they concern us as artists and theatre makers.

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