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A New publication from ASSITEJ Germany – free download

ASSITEJ Germany publishes a magazine on TYA called IXYPSILONZETT (short: XYZ) in cooperation with the Berlin based publisher Theater der Zeit. 

For each ASSITEJ World Congress we launch an English language edition. This year we will not have the chance to give it to you in Tokyo, but you can download the magazine here (for free and without revealing any personal data) and the editorial team as well as the contributors would be more than happy to enter into a discussion with you. 

Brigitte Dethier, president of ASSITEJ Germany, states in her editorial: “This issue takes a good look at the role of the director and on the idea of directorship. It discusses how we work with people, questions individuality and collectivity and reflects power relations. It asks how we direct our gaze, how we see our audience, the potential of a dramatic text or a story, how we use and present all the magic the performing arts have to offer.”

We hope you enjoy the read and we are looking forward to discussing Directing in TYA in Tokyo and elsewhere.

You may now browse the website in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, or Russian by using the button on the top-right of the page.

Please note that these are AI translations that have not yet been manually checked.