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A three-day workshop and round tables signed by ASSITEJ Italy
25-26-27 September 2019
Teatro Bruno Munari, Milan

The fourth edition of ASSITEJ In-Forma arrives in Milan, a precious opportunity for training and confronting dedicated to artists, professionals and workers of the live show created by ASSITEJ Italia, the only world event dedicated to members of an ASSITEJ Member Country.
After the previous editions in Bologna, Prato and Lecce, the event will take place at the Teatro Munari in Milan between 25 and 27 September 2019, to whom François Fogel, Vice President of ASSITEJ International, will take part as guest and observer.

One hundred participants from all over Italy, including technicians, artists and theatre professionals are registered for the event.
Far from market logics, ASSITEJ In-Forma proposes itself as a place for sharing good practices and reflections, enhancing the new, that can be an incentive for the individual member as well as for the whole Association.
Designed, organized and managed by a consortium of Lombardy associates of ASSITEJ Italia, the three-day launches a varied proposal to put to system skills, know-how and resources.
In continuity with the nature of ASSITEJ In-Forma and through the specificities brought by the professional figures involved in the preparation of this edition, a full program of workshops of a highly interactive nature, with national and international speakers will take place.


The proposal: from local to global

ASSITEJ In-Formacontains several initiatives with the aim of offering opportunities for growth and exchange in the light of two metaphors: traveland identity.

The current statute of Assitej, like an identity card that makes a person recognizable, frames the essence of a group of people united by the dedication to the theatre for the new generations. With the identity card in hand, Assitej is traveling in the world of Theatre for childhood and youth. A journey that has a before, an hour and an after.

The metaphors that distinguish this edition of ASSITEJ In-Forma— operational definition of “identity” and “travel” — are the headlights, bonfires, squares, suitcases and languages. In light of these images we will include meetings, seminars and workshops within the programme.


The workshops of this year

  • The Infinite Child
  • CLOSLIEU: painting, living, experimenting
  • Before and after the Show
  • Dramaturgy in the Theatre. A good practice: DNA
  • Positive Psychology: a New Vision of the Developmental Age
  • AGIS – General Italian Association for Entertainment/ MIBAC  – Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities: an Exchange
  • The Book’s Voice
  • The Foundations
  • Some like it…clown!
  • Through the Screen: the body, the sight, the voice, the language of teenagers
  • Tandem for Culture: an example of small-scale planning
  • Multimedia Children
  • Theory of Change and Logical Framework
  • Massaging among Children
  • The School of Failure… From the No to the Yes … Mistakes and their Perception

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