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Scènes d’enfance – ASSITEJ France organised 2 days of gathering in Nantes, on 26 and 27 March More than 400 professionals of TYA (artists, theaters, cultural education networks, national and territorial administrators of culture, foreign delegates) worked together, in order to define their priorities and commitments for the coming years, including international cooperation. The outcome was issued in the form of a framework document entitled “Performing arts shared”. The États Généraux represented the last stage of a 2 year process of regional meetings, the “Tour d’enfance”, that involved the participation of the national disciplinary (dance, music) and regional TYA networks, under the umbrella of the national association. Each of the 15 stages addressed a specific question, and all the ideas and feedback collected at these occasions nourished the workshop and general meetings in Nantes. In the meantime, Scènes d’enfance produced a survey on the conditions of production and dissemination of TYA, with about 500 companies, theatres and festivals participating. It synthesis has been published in Nantes.

Links : “Les arts vivants en partage“, (PDF, in French)
Étude sur les conditions de production et de diffusion du spectacle vivant jeune public” (PDF, in French)

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