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Written by Violeta Podolskaitė

Today Lithuanian ASSITEJ is 18 years old!

It’s seems like I was just creating, joining ASSITEJ members, registrated and now it’s adulthood!

Thank You for keeping, growing up together, working and creating. All these ASSITEJ years were for a purpose – we have full package of works. We have what to be proud of and what to think about in the future.

On this occasion I thank all Assitej friends: teachers, parents, theaters, sponsors, volunteers. Thanks for the friendship and help for Nordic-Baltic ASSITEJ members and all the international community of ASSITEJ, which members we are and which joins more than 90 countries.

And the most of all we thank our young viewer! He is the most important here! For him we are and, I believe, will be!

Happy Lithuanian ASSITEJ birthday!