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🌎 Cienfuegos, CUB

🗓 25 – 31 March 2019

Festival of Theatre for Children and Youth: A Feast that Charms

It has been twenty-eight years since we met for the last time in our own unique feast. It was 1990, and the venue was the heroic and hospitable city of Santiago de Cuba. Every now and then, a few of us met in various places of the Island. We felt an urge to get together, which turned into a necessity to dream about the future and about new projects.

In 2019, the former city of Fernandina de Jagua, now capital city of the Cienfuegos province, will celebrate the 200th anniversary of its foundation and we want friends from all the sectors of society to celebrate with us. Among these friends are of course, people of the theatre who create a taste for arts: people of the theatre for children and youth.….pdf

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