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ASSITEJ Germany’s members came together in Frankfurt (Main) on December 8th 2018 to discuss the association’s projects and to elect a new board. Brigitte Dethier, artistic director of Junges Ensemble Stuttgart (JES), now chairs the board of 11 dedicated theatre makers. JES is well known internationally as the host for the biennial international festival “Bright View” (Schöne Aussicht. Her focus will lie on the change processes in TYA in Germany as a generation of founders is about to retire and new, diverse structures are developing as well as on strengthening TYA in universities and the general public. Stefan Fischer-Fels, member of the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ, has also been re-elected as a board member. 

Other board members of ASSITEJ Germany are: Andrea Maria Erl (Theater Mummpitz, Nuremberg), Jutta M. Staerk (COMEDIA Theater Cologne) , Julia Dina Hesse (Wiesbaden), Birte Werner (Bundesakademie für Kulturelle Bildung Wolfenbuettel), Lydia Schubert (Theater der Jungen Welt Leipzig), Bianca Sue Henne (Junges Staatstheater Parchim der Mecklenburgischen Staatstheater), Rebecca Hohmann (Junges Theater Bremen), Wolfgang Stuessel (Theater Strahl Berlin) and Lisa Zehetner (Junges Nationaltheater Mannheim).

Wolfgang Schneider, president of ASSITEJ Germany for the past 21 years, did not stand for elections again. After 32 years of dedicated service to the association, also as its President and Honorary President on an international level, there was not only immense gratitude and enthusiastic applause, but also many personal letters and presents from members. Petra Fischer (ASSITEJ Switzerland) presented Wolfgang Schneider with the Honorary Membership of ASSITEJ Switzerland.